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Team America
Rocketry Challenge 2009
Team 7157
Alexander Eftimiades
Philip Manougian
Seth Gordon
Greg Maines
Ronnie Foreman
Team 7158
Chris Schwinof
Chris Fann
David Sookhar
Jason Dickey
Tyler Skalabrin
Fish Khan
Team 7159
Amanda Steckel
Ben Fann
EJ Eiras-Saunders
Jon Boruch


We entered three teams in the 2009 national Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC). Our team numbers were 7157, 7158, and 7159.  The main challenge web site is http://www.rocketcontest.org/.


Last year we had over 20 members on three rocket teams, but many of them graduated. This year we are starting with around 10  members from last year and maybe 10 new members.  We created three teams around the returning members from last year's teams. To be on a team you have to be a dues paying member of Post 1010 and have your parents sign the permission form (Word, PDF).  Members switched teams up until the qualification flights in March. Each team had a leader and sub groups. Each team built  several rockets, including test rockets and backups for their best models.

Workshops and Launches

We met during normal Exploring Program meetings on Wednesdays and also on Saturdays for work sessions and launches.  We had a few meetings of the old members in September 2008, but our first workshop was October 25.

Our testing launches were at the Old National Pike Park, east of New Market, Maryland (directions, picture).  Their launch calendar and other information is at http://www.narhams.org/.  We will also traveled to the Great Meadows site (directions, map, picture), near The Plains, Virginia, off I66, west of Manassas, to finish our qualification launches. The calendar for that site is at http://www.novaar.org.

Wind speed is a big problem with our rockets, so we check http://www.usairnet.com/cgi-bin/launch/code.cgi before we launch.

Team Information


The Internet and email are a very important resource for our team. Each member should sign up for the TARC Yahoo Group and review the recent emails and files.

TARC Information

Team Information


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