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Engineering In the Air

We fly rockets in the The American Rocketry Challenge. We were 2nd nationally in 2020/21. Come fly with us this year.

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We fly quad-copters in the UAS4STEM competition. We won the national competition in 2020/21. Repeat in 2022?

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Engineering On the Ground

We build robots for the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)
We performed well in the 2020 Competition.

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We build robots for the Botball Educational Robotics
program. We persisted in 2020/21 and are ready for 2022.

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We had an Open House recruiting event on Saturday, September 11, at the Rockville Science Center storefront, 36C Maryland Ave. We repeated it on Wednesday, September 15. We recruited 9 new members and could use more. If you missed both, but have interest, email info@post1010.org.

Our FIRST Tech Challenge Team 6417, the Blu Cru, competed in FTC 2020. In the fall, we created a robot following the 2020 game rules (Part 1, Part 2). We used a field in the Rockville Science Center to test and run our qualification rounds. We did well in the January tournament and did even better in February. Wait till you see us in fall 2021.

We had two teams in The American Rocketry Challenge for 2020/21. We designed, built, and flew rockets to the TARC 2020/21 rules. Both teams were invited to the top 100 team national finals in June 2021. Both teams did well, but one team came in 2nd, just missing 1st place. We are planning to compete again in 2021/22 and do just a little bit better.

Our Botball Team 160 competed in the Botball 2020/21 program. We built and tested autonomous robots following the 2020/21 rules. We used a game field in the Science Center for three remote competitions in the spring and summer of 2021. We did OK and won some awards, including the Spirit of Botball. We are planning for Botball 2022.

In February 2020, we registered in the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS4STEM) competition. Because of the pandemic, the program stretched into the spring of 2021. We persisted, and won the regional presentation competition. We were invited to the national competition held at AirVenture Fly-In festival at Oshkosh WI in August 2021. We won first place in the competition and we plan to win first place again in 2022.

                    Policies and Rules
We have Behavior Rules and Policies that guide our program. Please review.

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