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Pens Explorer Post 1010
Engineering Exploring Program


Here is our membership list for 2021. We are recruiting new members in September to replace our seniors leaving for college.

Our Post leaders are elected from our membership. Our last elections were in September 2020 and described at Post Elections. We will have elections again in October 2021 to start the new school year.

Ananth Kudaravalli Thomas Wootton HS
Andrew Smith Richard Montgomery HS
Austin Chen Winston Churchill HS
Caroline Dinh Richard Montgomery HS
Catherine Qu Winston Churchill HS
Cole Sherling Walt Whitman HS
David Kaplan Montgomery Blair HS
Erica Herrera Richard Montgomery HS
Ivan Solovieff Magruder HS
Jack Sherling Walt Whitman HS
James Diaz Magruder HS
Jasnoor Lubana Richard Montgomery HS
Lennard Poliakov Magruder HS
Leo Solorzano Montgomery Blair HS
Lucas Perkins Richard Montgomery HS
Madison Zhao Walt Whitman HS
Michael Guardado Rockville HS
Muhammed Bryant home school
Nandita Gallacher Richard Montgomery HS
Nate Davis Thomas Wootton HS
Nathan Chen Poolesville HS
Peam Suphaphon Richard Montgomery HS
Peter Camobreco Magruder HS
Sam Troost Walt Whitman HS
Samson Pak Magruder HS
Sean Russell Good Counsel HS
Sofia Guardado Rockville HS
Timothy Chu Richard Montgomery HS
Vim Jayalal Watkins Mill HS
Vinamr Pemmaraju Richard Montgomery HS
Visesh Uppoor Richard Montgomery HS
Zain Zarger Northwest HS

Here are our Advisors and Volunteers (we also have many parents who help out):

Bob Ekman Advisor
Tom May Committee Chair
Vincent Camobreco Volunteer
Tim Russell Volunteer
Neal Perkins Volunteer

To be a new member in our Post you need to fill out the registration form (PDF Form, Word Form), pay the annual dues of $200, and fill out our new member survey form. New members also need to fill out the national Exploring Application Form to register in the national Learning-for-Life program as a member of Explorer Post 1010.

Returning members need to recommit by filling out the commitment form (PDF Form, Word Form), and pay the annual dues of $200 by the end of October.

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Last Updated on August 31, 2021