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Book and Pen Explorer Post 1010
Engineering Exploring Program

General Schedule 2018-2019

This is our general schedule for the Post as a whole. Detail dates are found in the program pages and the calendar.

  Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
Post Wide               Recruitment  Election       Trip      Registration  Laser Tag   Trip          Election                  USASEF   Science Day    Trip      Picnic
FTC Registration    Game Release    Design/ Build/ Test    Qualification Tournaments     State Tournament   Advanced Tournaments
TARC   Experiments    Registration            Design/ Build/ Test                              TARC Qualification                         TARC Nationals
Botball                    Training                   Registration                Game Release         Workshop    Design/ Build/ Test     Regional                          Internationals
UAS                       Experiments                           Registration                 Design/Build/Test                        Regional Competition             National Competition


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Last Updated on September 9, 2018