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Explorer Post 1010 registered team 160 in the 2023 Botball Educational Robotics program. We formed our team in the fall of 2022 with several new members. We developed our robots at the Rockville Science Center storefront with meetings on Wednesday and some Saturdays.

Fall Competition

The program organizers, KIPR, created a fall competition that gave us a focus for the team. The game was an initial view of the game to be released in January. We signed up to compete and received some game parts. We used equipment and parts from the previous years.

    Fall Game Review
    Fall Game Scoring
    Fall Game Table Build

There were 16 teams in the on-line competition on December 10. We were ranked 10th in seeding. We lost two matches in double elimination and ended 13th overall. It was a great activity for the new members to learn about Botball robotics.

Run Score YouTube Video
Seeding Run 2 167 https://youtu.be/5rXO5yGP-zA
Double Elim 2 loss https://youtu.be/tvrK3JmsD3A

After the fall program the game was restated with a new board and a more complex scoring process.

Fall Table

Fall Game
Regional Tournament (schedule)

The DC area regional tournament was held at Great Mills High School, in southern Maryland on April 29, 2023. Our team did well. There were 17 teams. We came in 5th in seeding and 5th overall.

Run Score YouTube Video
Seeding Run 1 disqual https://youtu.be/HMAClwSooXw
Seeding Run 2 3550 https://youtu.be/Iyf2STA1-WY
Seeding Run 3 disqual https://youtu.be/MklIPMvhs-A
Double Elim 28 win  https://youtu.be/TUypHBGBjfc
Double Elim 42 win https://youtu.be/fhSek49gp5w
Double Elim 53 loss https://youtu.be/g38Y4Cvj4Io
Double Elim 58 loss https://youtu.be/sQpfcpaOVA8

We lost match 53 to Dead Robots Society in a struggle over BotGal. If for the light wire holding the DRS cube stack, we might have won.
Set Up
Global Conference on Educational Robotics (schedule)

We sent a team of three members to GCER 2023, held at the World Golf Village Renaissance St. Augustine Resort, Florida (permission form). Several other members helped get the robots working before the trip. We had a very elaborate solution.

There were 37 teams. We were 22nd in Seeding Scores (Excel) and ended up 23rd overall. Scores (Excel). We won a trophy for 4th place Double Elimination. See the Awards

Here is a seeding round video.

GCER Trophy
At the Table

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