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Explorer Post 1010 registered team 160 in the 2022 Botball Educational Robotics program. We formed our team in the fall of 2021 and developed our skills with last year's robots.

The Game for 2022 was revealed in December. We received a generous scholarship from KIPR, the program's home.

We developed our robots at the Rockville Science Center storefront at meetings on Wednesday and Monday evenings. We also had some other meetings on Saturdays.

We used equipment and parts from the previous years. This reduced the cost to participate significantly.

We received game objects and parts from KIPR in January. We designed and ordered a team tshirt.

Watch our Project Slideshow

   Our Robots

Game Table

We added a few new members to the team in the winter. As we got closer to the April tournament, we started meeting more. We lost a member but gained another.

We tried several designs to score maximum points. Some scoring  items were ignored. We had two robots programmed in Python.

  LEGO Bot Code
  Roomba Bot Code
Our Team
Austin Chen
Dami Kim
Junwoo Kim
Zain Zarger

T-Shirt Design

Regional Tournament
The DC area regional tournament was held a Great Mills High School, in southern Maryland on April 9, 2022. Our team did well. There were 19 teams. We gave a great presentation.

We came in 5th in seeding. We had a bye in double elimination. We won 4 rounds and finally lost two, one to Dead Robots Society. We ended up 3rd overall and got a trophy. Score Detail.

April 2022 Regional Tournament

Run Score YouTube Video
Rockville Test https://youtu.be/ZGbjO1ORTww
Double Elim 1 win https://youtu.be/UkB3q5VCyLI
Double Elim 2 lost https://youtu.be/PAt-rnhV6ew
Double Elim 3 lost https://youtu.be/vNGH2lI-SUY
Global Conference on Educational Robotics
We sent a team of one member to GCER 2022, held at  the Embassy Suites, Norman OK. We again gave a great Presentation (PowerPoint). See the ticket.

There were 38 team. We were 11th in Seeding Scores. We only won one double elimination round, but ended up 10th overall. Scores (Excel). We were presented with the conference "Do the Math" award. See the Awards

July 2022 GCER Tournament

Run Score YouTube Video
Double Elim 1 win https://youtu.be/v5sZcldg_f0
Double Elim 2 loss https://youtu.be/qjzcBiCEIhg
Double Elim 3 loss https://youtu.be/9lpT-A30gwI

Team at Regional
Team at GCER

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