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Explorer Post 1010 registered team 160 in the 2019 Botball Educational Robotics program. We formed our team in the fall 2018 and developed our skills with last year's robots. The game for 2019 was revealed in January. We sent several members to the Botball Workshop at Maryland University in College Park on Saturday/Sunday, January 19/20. Here are the Workshop Slides.

The next week we kicked off eight weeks of intensive robot development, culminating in a regional tournament. We built a complete game table in our Johns Hopkins lab room. Following the regional tournament, we prepared for and attended the Botball Global Conference on Educational Robotics in Norman, OK in July.

   The Game Board

Game Table

Our Team
Alex Ortunio
Aneesha Tamang
Austin Chen
Chase Adams
Dominic Bakos
Eric Shen
Ilan Linshitz
Jasper Li
Kaiwen Song
Lennard Poliakov
Leo Solorzano
Samuel Du
Timothy Chu
Zain Zarger

Regional Tournament
 (Video - 47MB)

The DC regional tournament was held on Saturday, April 6, at Annandale High School in Annandale, VA. Our team had a good documentation score, but had problems with seeding rounds and double elimination. Team 160 came in 18th overall out of 27 teams.
Global Conference and Tournament  (Video - 87MB)

Team 160 entered the Global Conference on Educational Robotics, held in Norman, OK, July 6 to July 12. We had five members - Austin, Dominic, Leo, Samuel, and Zain. We had a great time and improved our performance over the regional.

We did well in the seeding, double seeding, and on-site presentation. We came in 5th overall out of 72 teams. We are most proud of being awarded the Spirit of Botball banner for how we related to other teams and supported Botbll.


KIPR Aerial Autonomous Robot Tournament

We also had an adult team (Flight Sight) entered in the KIPR Aerial Autonomous Robot Tournament autonomous drone competition held during the conference. Tom May and his son, Adam, were the core members, with Bob Ekman creating the drone loading mechanism.

It was a real challenge since we didn't start until June. We used a swarm strategy with four and then six drones.  We had to load the drones with a hacky sack autonomously. Then fly over a box mountain and land next to Botguy.

We came in second out of eight teams, and were given a judges award for our strategy.

KIPR Aerial Robot Videos: 
  Run 1 (4 Drones) (64MB)    Run 2 (6 Drones) (70MB)

KIPR Open Game Board

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