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Engineering In the Air

We fly rockets in the Team America Rocketry Challenge.
See what we did last year. Come fly with us this year.

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We fly quad-copters in the UAS4STEM competition.
We did well last year. This is very challenging.

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Engineering On the Ground

We build robots for the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)
program. We did well last year. We are ready to roll.

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We build complex autonomous robots for the Botball Educational Robotics competition. We rocked last year.

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Our News

We had a great tour of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg on November 7. Here are some pictures from the tour.

We will have a lock-in at Shadowland in Gaithersburg on December 16, Friday night, to December 17, Saturday morning. We need a release form and $40 for participation. Friends and families are invited. Check out our web page for details.

We still need a few more National Application Forms for new members and annual dues of $100 from returning members. Check with Austin.

Our FIRST Tech Challenge team is making great progress in assembling a robot. They are meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. The challenge is found in the Game Manual Part 1 and Part 2. They have a very nice solution. Their first qualification tournament is December 11 at Sidwell Friends in DC.

We had two TARC 2017 rocket test launches and our designs seem to be working well. We need many more tests to refine our motor selection and parachute size. Check out our web pages. Our next launch is Saturday, December 10, in Virginia.

Our UAS quad-copter team is preparing for a session that we will kick off in December.  We will also register our Botball teams in December, teams 160 and 161. Get ready for an exciting busy winter.

Please visit our elections web page to see who will lead our teams into 2017.

                     Policies and Rules
We have Behavior Rules and Policies that guide our program. Please review.

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