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Engineering In the Air

We fly rockets in the Team America Rocketry Challenge.
See what we did last year. Come fly with us this year.

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We fly quad-copters in the UAS4STEM competition.
We did well last year. This is very challenging.

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Engineering On the Ground

We build robots for the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)
program. We did well last year. We are ready to roll.

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We build complex autonomous robots for the Botball Educational Robotics competition. We rocked last year.

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Our News

Our FIRST Tech Challenge Team 6417 has competed in two FTC Qualifier tournaments, December 9 at Walt Whitman HS, and January 20 at the Bullis school. At the first tournament, our robot had issues, but we won the third place Inspire award, and an invitation to the state finals. At the second tournament, our robot did much better and we were picked to be in the final rounds. We again won a third place Inspire award, but also won first place with the Think award. We are now getting ready for the Maryland state Championship at UMBC on March 3.

We have three TARC teams building rockets to meet the 2019 Requirements. We came up with several designs and built several rockets. We launched the rockets several times and seem to have a good design and a proper engine. We are getting test scores under 20. Our next test launch is February 18, at Walkersville.

Our Botball Team 160 has great plans for the 2019 season. We attended the workshop at the University of Maryland and are ready to fully start the competition. We have 11 weeks to prepare for the regional tournament on April 6, at Annandale High School. We are also planning to attnd the Global Conference on Educational Robotics (GCER), July 6-11, at Norman OK.

We starting our project for drones and quuadcopters. Last year we competed in the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) competition. We learned a lot, but are considering other options for 2019. If we stay with UAS4STEM, we will need to rebuild the drone for the 2019 challenge.

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