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Explorer Post 1010 registered team 160 in the 2020 Botball Educational Robotics program. We formed our team in the fall 2019 and developed our skills with last year's robots.

The Game for 2020 was revealed in January. We sent several members to the Botball Workshop at Maryland University in College Park on Saturday/Sunday, January 25/26. Here are the Workshop Slides.

The next week we kicked off eight weeks of intensive robot development, working toward in a regional tournament in April. We started in our lab at Johns Hopkins University on Medical Center Dr. We created our documentation video.

And then the pandemic hit. JHU closed and moved out. We moved to the Rockville Science Center in downtown Rockville. We built a complete game table in their storefront and started testing. We worked week to week with some hope that we would have a normal summer in 2020.

   Science Center Storefront

Game Table

Weeks stretched into months, and months stretch into a year. Seniors left for college, others dropped, and a few new members joined in the fall of 2020. The team continued to work week to week.

The Post registered in the on-line tournaments held in the spring of 2021 - March, April, and May. We tried several different solutions to the game.

We would not finish this project until August 2021. We were glad to move on after 20 months.

Our Team 2021
Austin Chen
Ivan Solovieff
James Diaz
Lennard Poliakov
Leo Solorzano
Nate Davis
Samson Pak
Zain Zarger

On-Line Tournaments

In the March Tournament, we came in 3rd overall out of 12 teams, 3rd in seeding and were awarded the Spirit of Botball Award.

In the April Tournament, we came in 9th overall out of 32 teams, and 12th in seeding.

In the May Tournament, we came in 23rd overall out of 41 teams, and 28th in seeding. For Double Elimination, we were placed in the lower bracket, which we won with 5 wins.

March 2021 Tournament
Run Score YouTube Video
Seeding 1 345 https://youtu.be/O0XEE3IUAwg
Seeding 2 558 https://youtu.be/2n6pkdvUU_s
Seeding 3 232 https://youtu.be/wGQ1_gPXhJc
Double Elim 1 win https://youtu.be/oddwPoybQ1I
Double Elim 2 lost https://youtu.be/6m_ISKPOORQ
Double Elim 3 lost https://youtu.be/q9gq342U5eA

April 2021 Tournament
Run Score YouTube Video
Seeding 1 375 https://youtu.be/93AUi3FREDU
Seeding 2 0 https://youtu.be/5YGXRUTmOuI
Seeding 3 110 https://youtu.be/RtDcjLgE210
Double Elim 1 win no video
Double Elim 2 loss no video
Double Elim 3 win no video
Double Elim 4 loss no video

May 2021 Tournament
Run Score YouTube Video
Seeding 1 90 https://youtu.be/LkZeBKCyp68
Seeding 2   no video
Seeding 3   no video
Double Elim 1 win https://youtu.be/LkZeBKCyp68
Double Elim 2 win https://youtu.be/4vorKmiKEkk
Double Elim 3 win https://youtu.be/uhLUmt4asvk
Double Elim 4 win https://youtu.be/aaqIcBfdeVI
Double Elim 5 win https://youtu.be/w3Pu_X5mC1c

Global Conference on Educational Robotics

The Post participated in the annual GCER event on July 31. We submitted a Botball promotional video a few days before.

We came in 8th Overall out of 15 teams with Seeding 6th place. The last seeding round we scored our highest for the whole program, Double Elimination and Awards completed the event. We videoed one last run to show how we planned for it to work.
GCER July 2021 Tournament
Run Score YouTube Video
Seeding 1 276 https://youtu.be/IcfbGzpEMzc
Seeding 2 658 https://youtu.be/t_nL-aOxeAE
Seeding 3 895 https://youtu.be/cVH8FzXsZkE
Double Elim 1 loss https://youtu.be/pVmZ6F9lSx4
Double Elim 2 win https://youtu.be/k4FiY815UyU
Double Elim 3 loss https://youtu.be/2xcryRu23Zc
Demonstration   https://youtu.be/vj4_-X6gM9c


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