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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) 2022

Our Team
Explorer Post 1010 signed up for the 2022 UAS4STEM (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) competition in the fall of 2021. We added a added a few new members in late 2021.

We restarted the program and started flying again. We held meetings and work sessions at the Rockville Science Center storefront (36C Maryland Ave). We practiced flying at the Red Gate Park in Rockville (an old golf course).


Using the quad-copter from 2021, we repaired and improved the flight systems. We replaced the mission mechanisms to meet the mission requirements. We continuously improved our operations and worked to meet the challenge.

UAS4STEM requires the students to build and fly a mid-size quad-copter through a competition course in a limited time. A team is limited to 8 members, who must complete an on-line training session. The regional tournament is in spring, and if invited, the national competition is in August. Every member needs to join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). A youth membership is available at https://www.modelaircraft.org/joinrenew.aspx for $15/year.

The big challenge was designing and creating a mechanism to pick up a small water bottle drop it off at another location. We tried several different mechanism. We ended up with a line and pulley system that would work even if the drone didn't land precisely over the bottle.

Here is a Slideshow for the whole project.
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The Mission
  (2022 Rulebook)

"A small group of people are stranded after a flash flood. While rescuers have determined a search area, they are unsure of the exact whereabouts of those stranded. Your team has been called upon to provide rapid response, via an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). You will be tasked to search an area for items of interest and to conduct point reconnaissance. As part of this mission you will be required to pick up and deliver a small payload (water bottle) to a designated area. "
Our Team Name: Some Assembly Required

 Visesh Uppoor
 Muhammed Bryant
 David Kaplan
 Nathan Chen
 Jasmine Li
- Safety Pilot/Pilot in Command
- Strategic Technician
- Air Boss/Back-up Pilot
- Safety Tech/Scoring Captain
- Mission Planner Specialist

The team was fortunate to have Tom May return as our adult mentor. He is skilled in aeronautics engineering. His wife, Beth May, was also very helpful in managing the team, working logistics, and guiding the project presentations. They were key to the success of this project.

    Regional presentation
Regional Competition

As the weather improved, we started flying more to resolve the issues with grabbing the water bottle. We created a Check List for flying.

For the regional competition, we competed remotely from the Rockville Science Center storefront. The team prepared a Regional Presentation and presented it using Microsoft Teams. We also had to show our skill in running Mission Planner (Mission Planner Practice).

We got a great score and were invited to the National Competition in August.
 We continued working with grabbing mechanisms. Precision flying became an important element of success.

Date Flight YouTube Video
13-Apr-22 Proof of Flight 1st Video https://youtu.be/2LKcWuNmksI
05-Jun-22 Testing Grabber - Fail https://youtu.be/W_ICN_KLns4
19-Jul-22 Proof of Flight 2nd Video https://youtu.be/GxtbFeSs_98
28-Jul-22 SAR Team Logo Video https://youtu.be/8zpxaQX4lK4
03-Aug-22 Bottle Grabber Operations https://youtu.be/ProreNl9wbA
03-Aug-22 Testing Grabber - Success https://youtu.be/te7zUdW5DL4

Bottle Grabber
    First Place National Competition

The National competition was held in Oshkosh Wisconsin, July 25-30. It was held in conjunction with the annual international AirVenture aviation festival. We made plans to participate.

We gave a great National Presentation. And we flew our quadcopter successfully autonomously but failed to transport the water bottle to a new location. The festival was a great opportunity see and interact with many aviation exhibits.

We were awarded third place. Our scores were good and we came up with some ideas for improving. Here are the detailed results. We are planning for 2023.
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