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Post 1010 registered a team in the Rockets for Schools program in February 2023. Because of our experience with SLI in 2022 and the fact that we had a high power Level 2 Certified Mentor (Jonathan Rains) and a student with a Level 1 Certification (Ethan Goldberg), we were able to enter with a "Class II" rocket. To attend we needed a Post1010 Permission form, an R4S Release form, and an R4S Emergency form. It was a great opportunity to add to our experiences in high power model rockets.

We built a large rocket from a kit provided by the program. We created a payload that would measure pressure on the nosecone during flight. We flew the rocket in Sheboygan Wisconsin off the shore of lake Michigan on the morning of May 13, 2023. The rocket achieved an altitude of 4562ft on a K535 motor. The payload experiment had problems and data was not recorded. The flight was recorded by a Pnut altimeter.

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