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Final Fly-Off - May 12, 2018

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Teams on the Hill Friday and Saturday, May 11/12, both our 2018 teams participated in the TARC final fly-off for 2018. We received our invitation in April along with attendance information.

On the morning of Friday, May 11, our teams traveled to Capital Hill for the "Rockets on the Hill" activity. Here is a slide show from the event.

In the evening of May 11, the teams travelled to Manassas to receive the briefing covering the launches on Saturday. We received our launch window information and reviewed the latest weather information. The weather was predicted misty in the morning, but beautiful in the afternoon.

Team 5043 got a launch window of 8:15am and Team 5044 got a launch window of 10am. Both were on the same launch rail - Goddard 14.

On Saturday morning, both teams traveled to the Great Meadow launch site in Virginia. We needed to arrive by 6:30am to get ready for the first launch window. The adults and families set up a tent and viewing station close to the flight posting board.

The teams got their eggs, prepared their rockets and walked out to the launch rails. They announced the Post 1010 thank you message and the rockets took off.

Team 5043 went first around 8:30am. The flight was a little low, but nice and a great flight time. They got a score of 44, which would not give them a shot at a second flight. Team 5044 went second around 10am. It looked great for altitude, but when the chute deployed, the booster broke away from the cargo unit, and the flight was a DQ (disqualification). Disappointing, because the fight would have been good enough to qualify for a second flight.

Team 4053 Rocket  Team 4054 Rocket
Video 5043 Flight(54MB)Video 5044 Flight (67MB)

Rocket Team Weight Altim Recovery Altitude Time
Red 5043 418g 12 24" X 756ft 42.25sec
Gold 5044 414g 11 2 -15" 783ft 22.78sec

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Launch Data Graph

After submitting a draft presentation in April, the both teams were selected to be one of the 15 teams to make a presentation during the event.

    Team 5043
    Presentation (PDF format)
    Presentation video (146MB).

    Team 5044
    Presentation (PDF format)
    Presentation video (113MB).
Here is a slideshow of the day.

We attended the awards ceremony towards the end of the day. Team 5044 was awarded 3rd place for their presentation.

Here are the results.

    Flight Data (Excel Format) very interesting

It was a beautiful day and we learned some good lessons. We headed home to Rockville with the rules for TARC 2019.


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