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Robotics Project 2009

Botball 2009


Our Teams

We had three teams participating in the 2009 DC Regional Botball Competition. To be on a team, the explorer needed to commit time, creativity,  and fill out the Team Participation Form. We had about 15 members on each team.

The DC Regional Botball Workshop was held on Saturday, February 21 and Sunday, February 22.  We sent 6 teens and 3 adults to both days.  They came back with the kits, problem description and experience with the CBC.

 Saturday  Sunday
 Gurpreet Singh
 Terry Sifrit
 Josh Resnicow
 Adam Hilmantel
 Manju Shivacharan
 James Moy
 Gene Hilmantel
 Tom May
 Larry Schwartz
 Rehan Butt
 Peter Gu
 Victor Ying
 Clare Liu
 Zeshan Tariq
 Nicholas Arnold
 Bob Ekman
 Larry Schwartz
 Seth Reeder

Project Development

We started development and planning the Monday after the workshop.  We then met every Wednesday and Saturday until the tournament.  Here is our formal schedule.  We also met during Spring Break.  Some  teams met on their own or in subgroups.

For the first few meetings the teams met separately.  They developed their plans, started building robots and grew their team spirit.

Once we had the table built, we met in a large room and all together.  We started running initial bots and doing experiments on the board within two weeks.  Some teams had what ended up being a final bot on the table at the end of four weeks. On March 25, we took videos of the operating bots.

Testing the bots took a great deal of time.  Teams ran tests over and over with changes in their mechanism, software, and strategy.  Here are results of testing on April 15. A good predictor or what?    
team seed 1 seed 2 seed 3 seed 4 seed 5
191 20 150 102 120 40
192 26        
193 96 123 210 150  

Picture Slideshows

February 22 February 25 March 7
March 14 March 25 April 10
April 11 April 15 April 17

Greater DC Tournament

The DC Regional tournament was held on April 18, at the Northern Virginia Community College in Annandel, Virginia.  All three teams had both victories and challenges. Team 193 ended up 4th overall.  Team 191 was fifth in the seeding rounds.  All three teams were finalists in the competition rounds. Team 192 made it the farthest in the competition rounds.  Teams 191 and 193 received Judges Choice awards.  See the Results (complete results).

Take a look at our picture slide show and our video collection from the DC tournament.

Science Day 2009

The weekend after the DC tournament, we took our boards and bots to Rockville Science Day at Montgomery College.  We continued to refine our bots and demonstrate them to the public.

 Global Conference/Tournament

The 2009 Global Conference on Educational Robotics was held at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, VA ( about 35 miles from Washington, D.C. ) from July 1st to July 5th. All three teams participated.  Team 191 an 192 were finalists.

We also had a team in the Beyond Botball competition held at the conference.  Beyond Botball is "kids" who have graduated from high school.  Our team did very well, winning both the seeding rounds and competition rounds.

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