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Final Fly-Off - May 18, 201
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Rockets on the Hill Friday and Saturday, May 17/18, 7eam 5180 and 5181 participated in the TARC final fly-off for 2019. We received our invitation in April along with attendance information.

On the morning of Friday, May 17, our teams traveled to Capital Hill for the "Rockets on the Hill" activity. Here is a slide show from the event.

In the evening of May 17, the teams travelled to Manassas to receive the briefing covering the launches on Saturday. We received our launch window information in our package

All our first flights were from the Stine launch range. Team 5180 flight window was 9:15-10:00am. Team 5181 flight window was 10:45-11:30am.  Temperature was about 80F, pressure was 29.36inHg, and wind was 1-5mph

On Saturday morning, both teams traveled to the Great Meadow launch site in Virginia. We needed to arrive by 7:30am to get ready for the first launch window. The adults and families set up a viewing station close to the flight posting board.

The teams got their eggs, prepared their rockets and walked out to the launch rails. They announced the Post 1010 thank you messages and the rockets took off.

Each team started with one qualification flight with flight targets of 856ft, 43-46sec. The top 42 teams from that round had a second flight to determine their consistency. Team 5180 had a score of 19.84 and went on to have a second flight. Team 5181 had a score of 39.2 and just missed the cut for the second flight. For the second flight the flight targets was reduced to 831ft, 42-45sec Team 5180 second flight was scored at 49.96. They lower their altitude to meet the lower target by adding 6 grams.

All three flights were straight and did not have chute problems. 11 teams of the 101 were disqualified in the first round, many due to chute issues. Two teams in the second flight group were disqualified. Over all, Team 5180 ended up 26th; Team 5181 ended up 47th.

The rain held off until the evening and there was little wind. It was sunny and warm in the afternoon, leading to thermals and longer flight times. Something we can work on next year. Our teams looked very sharp in their astronaut suits. While we didn’t win the best dressed award they looked like a team.

Here is a Slide Show of the day

Here are some video.
Team 5180: 1st Flight (44MB),   2nd Flight (40MB),   Walking Out
Team 5181: 1st Flight (55MB),   Returning

Both teams submitted a draft presentation in April, but neither team was
selected to be one of the 8 finalists.
    Team 5180   Presentation (PDF format)
    Team 5181   Presentation (PDF format)

Results for the day. The top 10 teams were very impressive.
    Flight Data (Excel Format) very useful

We headed home to Rockville with the rules for TARC 2020.

Team Flight Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Score
5180 1 499 12 2-14" 2x30" 849 49.21 19.84
5180 2 505 12 2-14" 2x30" 801 49.99 49.96
5181 1 493 13 2-14"/10" 843 52.55 39.20

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Launch Graph

Team 5180 Team 5181
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