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Launch - March 24, 2018

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On Saturday, March 24, members from both teams traveled to the Walkersville launch site for final qualification flights. The day was clear, with little wind, and warm. There was snow on the ground. The park was fully closed, so we walked into the parking for the golf course. We completed eight flights, including four qualification flights. Daniel Roh was our NAR qualifier, and Vince Camobreco helped with timing. We used the our launch rail, straight up.

Temperature=49F, Pressure=29.75inHg, Wind=1-3mph, Altitude=307ft


  • Teams 4053 and 4054 - at least one qualification flight.
  • We have eight F39-6T motors assembled.


  • Red rocket (4053) with F39-6T flew great at 519g and completed two qualification flights.
  • Gold rocket (4054) flew three test flights and then completed their two qualification flights.
  • The first Gold rocket flight was a little wobbly, check stage alignment.
  • The second Gold rocket fight had a slight ignition sputter, check igniter placement.
  • Towards the last Gold rocket flight there were growing thermals. Fly early to avoid afternoon thermals.
 Pringles Can Rocket  Red Rocket  Gold Rocket

Bob used up an old motor on his Pringles rocket. It had a major failure. Either the rocket was unstable, or the ejection occurred way too early. He fortified the ejection chamber with a little Pyrodex. See the video. Needs more investigation.


Team Rocket Flight Motor Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
4053 Red (video) 1 F39-6 519g 12 24"X 794ft 41sec Nice flight, score 6
4053 Red (video) 2 F39-6 519g 12 24"X 802ft 42.36sec Qualification 2, score 2.00
4053 Red (video) 3 F39-6 519g 12 24"X 789ft 41.435sec Qualification 3, score 11.00
4054 Gold (video) 1 F39-6 514g 11 2-15" 764ft 39sec A little wobble in flight
4054 Gold (video) 2 F39-6 510g 11 2-15" 771ft 41sec Slight igniter sputter
4054 Gold (video) 3 F39-6 504g 11 2-15" 818ft 42sec Nice flight, score 18
4054 Gold (video) 4 F39-6 504g 11 2-15" 808ft 42.26sec Qualification 2, score 8.00
4054 Gold (no video) 5 F39-6 506g 11 2-15" 827ft 46.625sec Qualification 3, score 41.50

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Flight Data Chart Red Rocket

Flight Data Gold Rocket

 Team 4053                                                                               Team 4054
 Team 4053    Team 4054

 Preparing                                                                                More Preparing
 Preparing Rocket    Preparing

 Launch Station                                                                        Great Score
 Launch Station    Rocket Launch

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