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Launch - February 19, 2018

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On Monday, February 19, members from both teams traveled to the Walkersville launch site for test flights. The day was cloudy, but with little wind. Toward the end, we had a little mist. We completed seven test flights. We used the our launch rail, straight up.

Temperature=44F, Pressure=30.09inHg, Wind=3-8mph, Altitude=307ft


  • Complete the tests we planned for February 10 at Great Meadow that were cut short for rain..
  • Test team 4053 rocket with weight around 500g.
  • Test team 4053 rocket with 20" chute.
  • Test team 4054 rocket with F24-7W.


  • Red rocket (4053) and the F39-6T were a little short with less than 500g.
  • The 240inch round chute took too long to land. Back to the 24inch X chute.
  • The ejection time while a little early seemed to be about right.
  • Team 4054 tried three flights with an F24-7W. The ejection was late, and it came down too soon. The igniter sputtered, even with the First Fire Jr. They may go to F39-6Ts.
   Red Rocket   Gold Rocket


Team Rocket Flight Motor Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
4053 Red (video) 1 F39-6T 509g 4 24"X 749ft 29sec tangled chutes
4053 Red (video) 2 F39-6T 500g 4 20" 786ft 58sec too much chute
4053 Red (video) 3 F39-6T 498g 4 24"X 783ft 42sec nice flight, score 17
4053 Red (video) 4 F39-6T 483g 4 24"X 783ft 43sec nice flight, score 17
4054 Gold (video) 1 F24-7W 488g 11 2-15" 727ft 32sec late deployment
4054 Gold (video) 2 F24-7W 469g 11 2-15" 754ft 33sec late deployment
4054 Gold (video) 3 F24-7W 470g 11 2-15" 683ft 29sec late deployment

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Flight Data Chart Red Rocket

Flight Data Gold Rocket

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 Teams    Loading

 Igniter Connected                                                                        Launching
 Igniter Connected    Launching

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