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Launch - January 20, 2018

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On Saturday, January 20, members from both teams traveled to the Great Meadow launch site for test flights. The day was mostly clear, with little wind, and warm. We used the NOVAAR launch rail, straight up. We completed 5 flights.

Temperature=60F, Pressure=29.90inHg, Wind=4-6mph, Altitude=580ft

Daniel Rohr brought a rocket with a 3D printed fin can. It flew with an F44-8W. It really looked and worked nice. Here is the video of the flight.


  • Recover from our problems of our last launch (lawn dart and broken fin).
  • Test team 4053 red rocket with F39-6T.
  • Test team 4054 gold rocket with F44-8W.


  • The red rocket had three nice flights.
  • We missed the video of oone of the red rocket flights.
  • The gold rocket had two nice flights but late deployment.
  • We had igniter issues with the F44-8W.
   Red Rocket   Gold Rocket


Team Rocket Flight Motor Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
4053 Red (video) 1 F39-6 470g 4 18" 859ft 41sec Nice flight, score 59
4053 Red (video) 2 F39-6 490g 4 18" 808ft 37sec Nice flight, score 24
4053 Red (no video) 3 F39-6 490g 4 24"X 824ft 48sec Nice flight, score 44
4054 Gold (video) 1 F44-8 462g 11 2-15" 814ft 39sec Nice flight, score 22
4054 Gold (video) 2 F44-8 467g 11 2-15" 843ft 42sec Nice flight, score 43

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Flight Data Chart

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 Connection                                                                               Both Rockets Ready
 Connection    Both Rockets

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