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Launch - October 14, 2017

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On Saturday, October 14, members from the Post traveled to the Walkersville launch site for test flights. The day was beautiful. We used our launch rail, straight up.

Temperature=74F, Pressure=29.83inHg, Wind=3mph, Altitude=307ft


  • Give new members some experience flying rockets.
  • Practice the launch process.
  • Use old BT80 rockets with old F24-7W motors.


  • We enjoyed the nice weather..
  • Nice flights but too high at 435g.


Team Rocket Flight Motor Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
  Blue (video) 1 F24-7 430g 4 2-12" 891ft 46sec Nice flight
  Gold (video) 1 F24-7 435g 9 15" 914ft 51sec Nice flight, landed on fence
  Gold (video) 2 F24-7 439g 9 15" 875ft 51sec Nice flight

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Flight Data Chart

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