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Post 1010's TARC Team 14212 was invited to the National Fly-Off on May 10 at the Great Meadow equestrian center in Virginia. With two qualification flight scores of 9 and 17.96 (qualification score of 25.96 with bonus deduction), they easily made the cutoff score of 54.12 for the top 100 teams. 413 of the 707 TARC 2014 teams submitted qualification flight reports, and 314 of these had two or more fully-qualified flights. 51 of the top 100 teams earned the “bonus one point deduction” by completing a flight before March 2.

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The weekend before, we conducted one test launch to prepare for the finals. This added to our list of test/qualification flights.

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  Meeting with Chris Van Hollen We prepared a presentation on project development and testing, but didn't submit it in time to be considered for the "Presentation Competition". Here it is anyway - Presentation (PowerPoint).

On Friday, May 9, the team participated in "Rockets on the Hill" We went to Capitol Hill to show off our rockets to Congress. We exhibited our rockets in the Senate office building and met with Congressional representative Chris Van Hollen.

    Rockets on the Hill, Agenda, Details, Pictures

Later on Friday, we travelled to the Metz Middle School in Manassas to be briefed on the activities on Saturday.

On Saturday, we arrived by 7:45am. The team set off for the first launch as the opening ceremony proceeded. The first launch occurred around 10:15am.

                               Team Announcement Text
“Our team, led by 3 time TARC finalist Samantha, was ready to qualify in December, but we ran into a series of bad winter weather. With persistence and determination, we completed 8 more test and qualification flights by late March. We are always ready to launch.”

For the first flight we received a score of 22.08, which was good enough to qualify for a second flight. The wind was over 6mph with gusts. The second flight occurred around 2pm and we received a score of 7.48. The wind had picked up to about 10mph, so the team angled the rail about 5d with the wind. We had a total score of 29.56. Fifth place for the day!

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   On the Field - second launch
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Rocket Engine Rail Cargo Recovery Weight Results Comments
Flight 1 E28-7T 7ft 3d 2 eggs, altimeter 3 2-15" Round 410g 807ft, 47sec video, Slight turn into wind, nice score
Flight 2 E28-7T 7ft 6d 2 eggs, altimeter 3 2-15" Round 408g 820ft, 47.5sec video, Straight flight, great score

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