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Launch - May 3, 2014
LADEE Spacecraft

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On Saturday, May 3, two members of team 14212 traveled to the Walkersville Farm Park to practice launch for the upcoming TARC Finals. It was a nice day, no wind, but a lot of kids were starting soccer practice. We used the 7ft launch rail, set straight up.


  • Test their TARC Final rocket motor to be sure that motors from this lot has the power to reach 825ft.


  • The single flight was beautiful, reaching an altitude of 838ft - watch the video.
  • The E28-7T comes with three motors in a package. We have some evidence that the three will share performance, but be different from motors in another package. We launched the first of three.from this lot and got good results. We now have two more good motors for the finals next week.
  • Walkersville again met our needs. We got there just early enough to get the launch off before the fields went into use. The par 3 golf course associated with the park looked like a viable location for launches.
 Team  Rocket


Rocket Engine Rail Cargo Recovery Weight Results Comments
Green flight 1
Team 14212
E28-7T 7ft 0d 2 eggs,
altimeter 3
2-15" Round 421g 838ft,
video, Straight flight, nice score

Altimeter Data (Excel format)


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