Lockheed Martin Exploring Program
Team America Rocketry Challenge

We entered a team in the national Team America Rocketry Challenge for 2005.  This should be something new and exciting. The main challenge web site is http://www.aia-aerospace.org/aianews/features/team_america/.


The current registered team is 3443, and our members are:

  • Matthew Beiter
  • Roger Ding
  • Tony Maze (leader)
  • Jonathan Carts
  • Michael McGaugham
  • Kurt Poropatich
  • Chris Lubas
  • Emily Terrell
  • Elise Terrell
  • Mark Mendelevitz
  • Marcus Lima


We met during normal Exploring Program meetings on Wednesdays and also at the following special work sessions.

December 29
This was when we started building rockets.  See our pictures.
February 19
We refined our official rockets based on the February 12 launches and started on the boosters.
March 2
We continued to refined our official rockets and get ready for the March 12 launch.


Local rocket launch information is at http://www.narhams.org/.  Our testing launches were at Middletown, west of Frederick (map).  We traveled to the Great Meadows (map) site, west of Manassas, in April to finish our attempt to qualify.

January 29
It was very cold, but we learned some lessons. See our results.
February 12
It was a great day, and we continued to learn lessons. See our results.
March 12
We ran into some major setbacks with clusters and staging. See our results.
April 9
We almost qualified, but learned a lot for next year. See our results.


These documents are used in our project.

Updated: April 11, 2005