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This year we will use thin wall BT70 rocket tubes for all our rockets. This will allow us to have inter-changeable parts - cargo units nose cones, and boosters. The altimeter and single egg will be in a cargo unit and the nose cone. We will also constrain ourselves to 24mm motors of the E class. This will help use get some consistency in the motor selections. This will also give us an opportunity to have more electronics to control the chute deployment.

OpenRocket OpenRocket
To create the overall design and simulate launches, we use OpenRocket ( Here is a design from team 20-6697 (OpenRocket file, Parts Design). All three teams decided to use the same basic design.



We started using a laser cutter this year for fins and cuts in the rocket body. We learned how to setup the design and position the cuts on the fin material and the rocket body.


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