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Launch - May 11, 2019
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On Saturday, May 11, members of teams 5180 and 5181 traveled to the Walkersville launch site for a test of their TARC finals rocket. The day was very cloudy, with very light wind. We used our launch rail and got off three flights. We think we are ready for the finals.

Temperature=72F, Pressure=29.67inHg, Wind=1-5mph, Elevation=331ft


  • Both teams need to record one flight with a motor from the pack that they will use at the finals the next week. It gives them a notice on the power of the motor.
  • Tram 5181 needs to fly their backup rocket.
  • Team 5180 needed to try a new streamer for the booster.


  • We got flight characteristics for the motor pack we will use in the finals.
  • Our cargo chutes seem to come down too slow, either increase spill holes or shorten the shrouds.
  • If Team 5180 streamer worked OK.
  • Team 5181 backup rocket flew OK.
  • Team 5180 used altimeter #11 which did not record the flight, they should use #12.
Pink Rocket  Purple Rocket  Multicolor Rocket 


Team Rocket Flight Motor/Lot/Pack Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
5180 Multi (video-9465) 1 F39-6 04091808 A2 499 11 2-14" 2x30" 913 51sec Nice flight, high,
altimeter failed
5181 Pink (video-9459) 1 F39-6 04091808 B2 501 13 2-14" 10" 822 46sec Nice flight, low
5181 Purple (video-9472) 1 F39-6 04091808 6 500? 13 2-14" 10" 816 47sec Nice flight, still low

Altimeter Data (Excel format)

Flight Data Chart

 Team 5180                                                                                
Team 5181
 Team 5180    Team 5181

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