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Launch - April 7, 2019
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On Sunday, April 7, members of tem 5180 traveled to the Walkersville launch site for their final qualification flights. The day was partially cloudy with light wind. We used our launch rail at about 3% with the wind. We got off three flights. Vince Camobreco was the NAR member who qualified the flights.

The three flights came off great. Flight 1 was low so we removed weight. Flight 2 was high, so we added weight, Fight 3 (qualification number 3) was 851 feet, close to the desired 856 ft. The descent times were all a little long, but they still got a score of 6.68.

Temperature=62F, Pressure=29.88inHg?, Wind=1-5mph, Elevation=331ft


  • Complete the last qualification flight for team 5180, hopefully with a score of 6 or less..


  • Made nice adjustments to get the desired altitude.
  • If Team 5180 gets invited to the TARC finals, they will need a better streamer and a bigger spill hole in their chutes to reduce descent time.
  Multicolor Rocket 


Team Rocket Flight Motor/Lot/Pack Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
5180 Multi (video-9160) 1 F39-6 04091808 8 496 12 2-14" 2x30" 844 47sec Nice flight, low
5180 Multi (video-9162) 2 F39-6 04091808 8 490 12 2-14" 2x30" 861 47sec Nice flight, still low
5180 Multi (video-xxxx) 3 F39-6 04091808 8 492 12 2-14" 2x30" 851 46.42sec Q3=6.68

Altimeter Data (Excel format)

Flight Data Chart Multicolor Rocket

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 Ready to Launch                                                                      Thanking Vince
 Ready to Launch    Thanks for helping

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