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Launch - March 30, 2019
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On Saturday, March 30, a few members from all teams traveled to the Walkersville launch site for qualification flights. The day was clear with light wind. We used our launch rail at about 5% with the wind. We got off nine flights. Jonathan Rains and Daniel Roh were the NAR members who qualified the flights.

Results were again mixed. Team 5179 (Gold rocket) had a low first test flight, and reduced weight for the second flight (qualification #2). In that flight, their booster chute came off the booster and the flight was disqualified.

Team 5180 (Multicolor rocket) flew 4 times - two tests and two qualifications. The test flights were somewhat low, but the first qualification was fair with a score of 24. The second qualification flight was again low because it flew off at an angle. It also had a problems with the chutes fully deploying and the booster streamer never came out. It was a disqualification.

Team 5181 had the best day with  no disqualifications. The first test flight was low. The second flight (the second qualification flight) was a little high, but got a score of 16. The third flight,(third qualification flight) was very low and got a score of 64.

Temperature=55F, Pressure=29.70inHg?, Wind=5-10mph, Elevation=331ft
Gold Rocket  Multicolor Rocket  Pink Rocket


  • Each team will fly one test flight and then one or two qualification flights.
  • Team 5180 switched out the booster chute for a small streamer.
  • Plan one more qualification outings before April 7.


  • Team 5181's streamer worked but Jonathan indicated other NAR members might say it still came in too fast.
  • Team 5181 flights had a strange drag when the motor finished firing. We noticed this before, but it was very clear this time.
    Their Multicolor rocket had a loose fin, which may have been the cause.
  • Team 5179 and 5181 are done with qualification flights..
  • We should have done more to separate the chutes..


Team Rocket Flight Motor/Lot/Pack Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
5179 Gold (video-9065) 1 F39-6 04091808 6 503 14 2-14"/10" 818 46sec Little low
5179 Gold (video-9081) 2 F39-6 04091808 6 492 14 2-14"/10" 853 46sec Tangled chutes, Q2=DQ
5180 Multi (video-9063) 1 F39-6 04091808 5 501 12 2-14" 2x30" 822 48sec Nice flight, low
5180 Multi (video-9076) 2 F39-6 04091808 5 487 12 2-14" 2x30" 825 49sec Nice flight, still low
5180 Multi (video-9082) 3 F39-6 04091808 ? 489 12 2-14" 2x30" 832 44.46sec Q1=24
5180 Multi (video-9088) 4 F39-6 04091808 ? 489? 12 2-14" 2x30" 815 29sec Streamer failed, Q2=DQ
5181 Pink (video-9070) 1 F39-6 04091808 7 503 13 2-14"/10" 824 39sec Nice flight, low
5181 Pink (video-9080) 2 F39-6 04091808 7 494 13 2-14"/10" 868 47.00sec Nice flight, Q2=16
5181 Pink (video-9085) 3 F39-6 04091808 7 498 13 2-14"/10" 805 39.66sec Strange flight, Q3=64.36

Altimeter Data (Excel format)

Flight Data Chart Gold Rocket

Flight Data Chart Multicolor Rocket

Flight Data Chart Pink Rocket

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