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Launch - January 28, 2019
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On Monday, January 28, members from all teams traveled to the Walkersville launch site for test flights. The day was cold, but clear and almost no wind. We used our launch rail, straight up.

Temperature=34F, Pressure=29.70inHg, Wind=2-6mph, Altitude=331ft


  • First flight of the Multicolor rocket for Team 5180.
  • Try to get the weight correct for altitude of 856ft..
  • Refine the chute deployment so no DQs
  • Experiment to see if motor lot number is significant - fly three motors in different rockets and compare altitudes. We need to track lot numbers.


  • The new Multicolor rocket flew nice. All flights were relatively straight..
  • Everyone flew F39s..The two from the same lot flew about the same altitude. The teams were confused on using the third from the same lot.
  • The two flights that were too high may be from the same lot from the previous launch day.
  • The Gold rocket failed to fully deploy its chutes and crashed, requiring a rebuild of the cargo unit.
  • The Pink rocket again had a chute tangle.
  • The teams started taking pictures of their weigh in  better record.
Gold Rocket Multicolor Rocket Pink Rocket


Team Rocket Flight Motor/Lot Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
5179 Gold (video) 1 F39-6 04091808 502g 11 2-15"/12" 862ft 19sec chute didn't deploy, crash
5180 Multi (video) 1 F39-6 504g 12 2-15"/12" 849ft 47sec nice flight, score=11
5180 Multi (video) 2 F39-6 xxxx 506g 12 2-15"/12" 884ft 50sec ok flight, too high
5181 Pink (video) 1 F39-6 04091808 505g 13 2-15"/12" 850ft 50sec nice flight, chute tangled
5181 Pink (video) 2 F39-6 xxxx 503g 13 2-15"/12" 892ft 48sec ok flight, too high

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Flight Data Chart

Launch Data for Multicolor Rocket

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Team 3
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