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Launch - December 27, 2018
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On the SwingsOn Thursday, December 27, members from the Post traveled to the Walkersville launch site for test flights. The day was clear, warm and no wind. We used our  launch rail, straight up. We flew our recently developed rockets with fair success.

Temperature=55F, Pressure=30.061inHg, Wind=2-6mph, Altitude=331ft


  • Try to get the weights right for the selected motors.
  • Continue working on the chute deployment.


  • We need more focus on chute deployment. On the 2nd Gold flight the booster chute did not deploy. The 1st Pink flight had tangles chutes.
  • We should look to collecting motor lot numbers.
Gold Rocket  Multicolor Rocket  Pink Rocket


Team Rocket Flight Motor Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
5179 Gold (video) 1 F39-6 508g 11 2-15"/12" 846ft 46sec nice flight, score=10
5179 Gold (video) 2 F39-6 506g 11 2-15"/12" 828ft 44sec nice flight, booster chute problem
5180 Multi (video) 1 F35-5 603g 12 2-15"/60" 742ft 40sec ok flight, too low
5180 Multi (video) 2 F30-6 569g 12 2-15"/60" 732ft 51sec ok flight, too low
5181 Pink (video) 1 F39-6 504g 13 2-15"/12" 849ft 43sec nice flight, score=7, chutes tangled
5181 Pink (video) 2 F39-6 507g 13 2-15"/12" 846ft 41sec nice flight, score=18

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Gold Flight Data Chart

Multicolor Flight Data Chart

Pink Flight Data Chart

 Preparing Rockets at JHU                                                         Loading Chutes

 Preparing at JHU    Preparing Chutes

 Loading Chutes                                                                         Loading Chutes
 Preparing Chutes    Preparing Chutes

 Team 1                                                                                      Team 2
 Team 1    Team 2

 Team 3                                                                                      Rocket Recovery
 Team 3    Rocket Recovery

 Egg Protection                                                                           Adding Weight
 Egg Protection    Adding Weight

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