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Final Fly-Off - May 13, 2017
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Friday and Saturday, May 12/13, team 2662 participated in the TARC final fly-off for 2017. We received our invitation in April along with attendance information.

Team at Capital Hill On the morning of Friday, May 12, the team traveled to Capital Hill for the "Rockets on the Hill" activity. Here is a slide show from the event.

In the evening of May 12, the team travelled to Manassas to receive the briefing covering the launches on Saturday. We received our launch window information and reviewed the latest weather information. The weather was predicted to be stormy and they were considering delays during the day.

On Saturday morning, the weather held off and the team traveled to the Great Meadow launch site in Virginia. The adults and families set up a tent and viewing station high on a hill - not allowed on the field.

The launch window was 10:00am to 11:am at the Goddard site, but they had to check in starting at 8am.

The team got their egg, prepared their rocket and walked out to the launch rails. Here is a video of the team walking out (15MB) to the launch rails.

They announced the Post 1010 thank you message and the rocket took off!
Rocket Launch

The flight was a little less than we had hoped. The target was 775 ft, but the rocket only reached 740 feet. The parachute did not fully deploy and it came down in 33 second (target was 41 seconds). But it was a straight flight and no disqualification.

Here is the launch video (56MB).

Altimeter Data (included final tests from May 9) (Excel format)

Rocket Flight Weight Altim Recovery Altitude Time
Red May 9 422g 10 14", 6x60" 730ft 42sec
Orange May 9 416g 4 14", 6x60" 724ft 45sec
Red May 13 415g 10 14", 6x60" 740ft 33sec


After submitting a draft presentation in April, the team was selected to be one of the 12 teams to make a presentation during the event (selection letter).

Here is the presentation video (135MB).

Here is our presentation (PDF format).

Here is a slideshow of the day.

We attended the awards ceremony towards the end of the day.

Here are the results.

    Final Ranking all teams (team 2662 was 63rd)
    Flight Data (Excel Format)

And then they headed home to Rockville with the rules for TARC 2018.
   Team 2662 Ready to Launch

The team had a great design and flew it many times leading up to the qualification launches in March. They replicated it in a backup orange rocket, which only flew once. Here is a list of all  flights.

While they didn't win any awards, the process they followed to get to the finals and participate in the event was exemplary.

  Rocket Design

Team Rockets
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