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Launch - May 9, 2017
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On Tuesday, May 9, members from team 2662 traveled to the Walkersville Maryland launch site for a final test flight before the TARC finals on May 13. The day was mostly sunny, around 60 degrees, with wind around 10mph. We got off 2 flights.


  • One test flight for the Red/White/Blue rocket at 415g with an E20-7.
  • Initial test flight for our backup Orange/Green rocket at 415g with an E20-7.


  • Both rockets performed nicely but too low. May have been the wind or too much weight.
  • Both E20s had the same lot number.
  • The new orange rocket will stay our backup.
  • We end the qualification flights with no eggs broken and no lost rockets.
  • We are ready for the finals on Saturday.
Red Rocket   Orange Rocket


Team Rocket Flight Motor Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
2662 Red (video) 1 E20-7W 422g 10 14", 6x60" 730ft 42sec Low, into wind
2662 Orange (video) 1 E20-7W 416g 4 14", 6x60" 724ft 45sec Low, into wind

Altimeter Data (Excel format)

Altimeter Data Chart Pink Rocket


 Team 2662
  Team 2662  

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