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Launch - February 20, 2017
Cassini Spacecraft 

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On Monday, February 20, members from both teams traveled to the Walkersville park launch site for test flights. The day was partially cloudy, about 70F, with wind up to 8mph. We got off 5 flights with varied results. Flew some drones. No CATOs.


  • Test a repainted Red rocket with E20 motors at 400g.
  • Test both rockets with 12inch cargo chutes.
  • Test the Pink rocket with weights around 310g using the E12-6 motors.
  • Test the new Orange rocket with E20 motor.


  • We tried angling the launch rail with the wind about 5degrees for the first two flights. We then returned to straight up with better results.
  • One bad igniter on the E12. Other ignitions seemed to be better with the new way to tape on igniters. Need to review the technique with differences for the E20s and E12s.
  • The Red rocket seemed to be a bit unstable with wiggles at about 30ft, Move the big weight to the nose cone.
  • The Orange rocket need much more weight for the E20.
  • The Red cargo descents too fast.
  • No eggs broken, and we recovered all rockets.
  • We need another test launch before qualification.
 Pink Rocket  Red Rocket  Orange Rocket


Team Rocket Flight Motor Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
2661 Pink (video) 1 E12-6 300g 11 12", 4x40" 685ft 50sec Into the wind
2661 Pink (video) 2 E12-6 303g 11 12", 4x40" 846ft 36sec Straighter but too high
2662 Red (video) 1 E20-7W 403g 10 12", 6x60" 684ft 33sec Squirrelly, off to side
2662 Red (video) 2 E20-7W 400g 10 12", 6x60" 774ft 36sec Straighter, descent too fast
2662 Orange (video) 1 E20-7W 333g? 4 12", 6x60" 958ft 49sec Straight flight, way too high

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Altimeter Data Chart


 Teams                                                                                       Loading
 Team 2661 and 2662    Loading

 High Wind                                                                                 Launching
 High Wind    Launching Rocket

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