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Launch - February 11, 2017
Cassini Spacecraft 

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On Saturday, February 11, members from both teams traveled to the Great Meadow Virginia launch site for test flights. The day was partially overcast, around 55 degrees, but little wind. We got off 3 flights. We used the site's launch rails.


  • Test the Red/White/Blue rocket at 400g with an E20-7.
  • Test the Pink rocket to see if we are ready for qualification flights.


  • Three reasonable flights, no flight issues, no eggs broke, recovered all rockets.
  • We refined the target weights for best altitude.
  • We tried a new way to hold the igniter in the motor (E20). Put tape over the hole, and the igniter, and then punch a hole with a pencil. The tape drapes over the motor edge and the igniter. It seemed to work OK.
  • The E12s seemed OK for the Pink rocket, but the rocket still did not go as straight as we would like. The motor mount and thrust ring holder seemed loose.
  • The Pink rocket streamer had tape on the edge and didn't rip off.
  • The 12 inch chutes seemed to give a reasonable descent. Try  moving some weight from the cargo unit to the booster. Try another coat of paint to the booster.
  • We prepared the site's launch rail by cleaning, lubricating, and pointing with the wind.
  Pink Rocket  Red Rocket 


Team Rocket Flight Motor Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
2661 Pink (video) 1 E12-6 304g 11 12", 4x56" 823ft 43sec Good fight, score=48
2662 Red (video) 1 E20-7W 388g 10 12", 6x60" 818ft 43sec Good fight, score=43
2662 Red (video) 2 E20-7W 400g 10 12", 6x60" 786ft 38sec Nice fight, score=23

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Altimeter Data Chart


 Team 2661                                                                                 Team 2662
  Team 2661   Team 2662


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