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Launch - October 29, 2016
Cassini Spacecraft 

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On Saturday, October 28, members from both teams traveled to the Great Meadow launch site for test flights. The day was partly cloudy with wind around 5mph, gusts a little higher. We used the NOVAAR launch rails. We conducted 4 flights.


  • Try out the new TARC rocket.
  • Test with E9-6 Estes black powder motors.
  • Continue testing with E20-7W motors.
  • Use the new purple Mylar streamer (4x56") on the booster


  • Both designs used the same recovery scheme - a chute for the cargo and a streamer for the booster..
  • We had no ignition issues, no eggs broke, and we recovered all rockets.
  • The E9s seemed to work well. We should try E12s.
  • We will remember these nice days in January and February.
  Red Rocket   Pink Rocket


Team Rocket Flight Motor Weight Alt Recovery Altitude Time Comment
2661 Pink (video) 1 E9-6 308g 11 18"X, 4x56" 799ft 59sec nice flight
2661 Pink (video) 2 E9-6 317g 11 15", 4x56" 813ft 56sec nice flight
2662 Red (video) 1 E20-7W 429g 10 15", 6x60" 654ft 33sec unstable, angled off
2662 Red (video) 2 E9-6 308g 10 15", 6x60" 597ft 37sec  

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Altimeter Data Chart


 Team 2661                                                                                 Team 2662
 Team 2661     Team 2662

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