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Launch - March 15, 2014
LADEE Spacecraft

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On Saturday, March 15, nine members from all four teams traveled to a Great Meadows VA launch site for qualification flights. The weather changed considerably during the launch. When we arrived, it was nice (50d) and almost no wind. Two hours later the wind was 14mph.

We conducted 8 flights - two for each team. We used the 7ft launch rail with a 6d angle. Team 14210 used the site provided launch rail. Team 14212's green rocket landed in a tree, and they could not complete their qualification flight.


Two launches for each team,  test or qualification flights:
    Team 14209 - new rocket, motor E28-7T/F30-6FJ
    Team 14210 - single use motor E20-7W
    Team 14211 - reloadable motor F30-6FJ
    Team 14211 - reloadable motor E28-7T

   Air India Rocket  Green Rocket  Blue Rocket
   (no picture of Team 14209 black rocket)
Rocket in Tree


  • Team 14209 tried out their new rocket with an E28-7W, and then an F30-6FJ. They need to settle on a weight for either motor. Qualification time is running out.
  • Team 14211 had two launches with the E20 motor over 825ft. Their descents were strange - the first one really floated, so they put a two inch spill in both. In the second flight one chute didn't deploy and tone egg broke on landing. They need to practice their chute packing.
  • Team 14210 had two nice flights and completed their qualification flights. The flights were nice but a little high and the second one floated a little. They switched motor lot numbers for the second flight. They may have had inconsistency in the motors.
  • Team 14212 conducted two flights with an E28-7W motor. Both were a little low and the second one came down very fast. It landed in a tree and could not be counted as a qualification flight. We recovered the rocket the next day and thankful it didn't count..
  • The wind caused problems with the descent times. There was considerable vertical air movement and the rockets floated down in the strong wind.
  • We traveled back to the launch site on Sunday, March 16, to recover Team 14212's rocket. We used an arrow with a fishing line attached, shot over the branch. We attached a 200ft rope to the arrow end of the fishing line and reeled in the line. The rope went over the branch. We pulled down and ripped the rocket off the branch. Everything was recovered with minor damage

Team 14211 has completed their qualification lunches with an average of 40.15 on their two best launches. Because of their flight in February, they finish with a score of 39.15. The other three teams have two flights left, but time is growing very short.


Rocket Engine Rail Cargo Recovery Weight Results Comments
Black flight 1
Team 14209
E28-7W 7ft 6d 2 eggs,
altimeter 6
2-15" Round 423g 754ft,
video, nice flight but too low, floating descent
Black flight 2
Team 14209
F30-6FJ 7ft 6d 2 eggs,
altimeter 6
2-15" Round 470g? 882ft,
video, nice flight but too high
Blue flight 1
Team 14211
F30-6FJ 7ft 6d 2 eggs,
altimeter 5
2-15" Round 482g 845ft,
video, nice flight,
Qualification Score: 27.26
Blue flight 2
Team 14211
F30-6FJ 7ft 6d 2 eggs,
altimeter 5
2-15" Round 490g 873ft,
video, nice flight, but too high
Qualification Score: 74.44
India flight 1
Team 14210
E20-7W 7ft 3d 2 eggs,
altimeter 1
2-15" Round 354g 833ft,
video, nice flight, but really floated
India flight 2
Team 14210
E20-7W 7ft 3d 2 eggs,
altimeter 1
2-15" Round
2" Spill
354g 861ft,
video, only one chute deployed, descended fast, egg broke
Qualification Score: 104 DQ
Green flight 1
Team 14212
E28-7T 7ft 6d 2 eggs,
altimeter 4
2-15" Round 419g 788ft,
video, nice flight, but low
Green flight 2
Team 14212
E28-7T 7ft 6d 2 eggs,
altimeter 4
2-15" Round 417g 772ft,
video, too low, descended too fast,
landed in tree, recovered next day
Qualification Score: Didn't Count

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Altimeter Data Chart


  Preparation                                                                             More Preparation
  Preparation     More Preparation

  And More Preparation                                                             Loading the Rocket
  More Preparation     Loading the Rocket

  Teams 14210                                                                            Team 14211
  Teams 14210     Team 14211

  Teams 14212                                                                            Rocket in a Tree
  Teams 14212    Rocket in a Tree

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