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Launch - February 17, 2014
LADEE Spacecraft

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On Monday, February 17, five members from two teams traveled to a Maryland park in Walkersville to practice launches and get an early qualification flight registered. We invited a NAR observer to score the flights. It was a nice sunny day, no wind, but cold, about 30f. We used the 7ft launch rail, set straight up.

Team 14212 completed two launches, one for qualification. Team 14211 had a catastrophic failure with their first flight and was not able to have a qualification flight.


  • Try two launches for each team, a test flight and a qualification flight:
      Team 14211 - single use motor F30-6FJ
      Team 14212 - reloadable motor E28-7T
  • Try out a new launch site.


  • The launch site looked very nice and could help us in the future.
  • The green rocket (team 14212) had two nice flights. They were very straight (no wind) and landed close to the launch site. No igniter failures, or spitting. No tangled chutes, great altitude. All they need is another nice qualification flight. They are still coming down a little fast, maybe because of the cold air.
  • Team 14211 (blue rocket) had a motor failure as it left the launch rail. It was very disappointing, but they do have a week to rebuild and fly on the weekend to get an early qualification launch.
  • The failure was with the motor burning through the ejection charge immediately. For a moment, the gasses were expelling from both ends at the same time. The booster segment was destroyed and we lost the parachutes. But the cargo and altimeter segment was OK and can fly again. We need to decided if we will trust another F30 motor or switch to another motor.
Bad Motor
Blue Rocket  Green Rocket


Rocket Engine Rail Cargo Recovery Weight Results Comments
Blue flight 1
Team 14211
F30-6FJ 7ft 0d 2 eggs,
altimeter 5
2-15" Round 449g 0ft,
video, motor failed as it left rail
Green flight 1
Team 14212
E28-7T 7ft 0d 2 wood eggs,
altimeter 3
2-15" Round 421g 831ft,
video, Straight flight, nice score
Green flight 2
Team 14212
E28-7T 7ft 0d 2 wood eggs,
altimeter 3
2-15" Round 423g 822ft,
video, Straight flight
Qualification Score: 21.64

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Altimeter Data Chart


  Team 14211                                                                               Rocket Destroyed
  Team     CATO

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