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Launch - November 29, 2013
LADEE Spacecraft

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On Friday, November 29, one member from team 3 traveled to the Maryland launch site to test their new rocket. Weather was clear, but cold and slightly windy (gusts to 12mph, average about 8mph).

We completed two launches of one rocket during a one hour launch window.


  • First flight of team 3's new blue rocket.
  • Try the new single-use F30-6FJ motor.
  • Two chute deployment where the chutes are tied to the line between the cargo and booster.
Team  Rocket


  • The first launch with an E20-7W was way underpowered. Deployment was late, but both chutes did deploy.
  • The second flight was very nice and straight. Deployment was fine.
  • The first flight cocked into the wind so we set the rail with a 5 degree angle with the wind. This made the second flight straight.
  • We used wood eggs, so we really don't know if our packing was good.
  • We used a new igniter (Estes Pro Series II Sonic Igniters) which worked OK.


Rocket Engine Rail Cargo Recovery Weight Results Comments
Blue flight 1
Team 3
E20-7W 7ft 0d 2 wood eggs,
altimeter 5
2-15" Round 478g 456ft, 24ec video, Need much more thrust, wind cocking, deploy very late
Blue flight 2
Team 3
F30-6FJ 7ft 5d 2 wood eggs,
altimeter 5
2-15" Round 507g 778ft, 44sec video, Nice straight flight, still low

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Altimeter Data Chart


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