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Launch - November 16, 2013
LADEE Spacecraft

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On Saturday, November 16, twelve members from all four teams traveled to the Maryland launch site to practice launches. Unfortunately, Team 3's rocket was not ready. It was a cloudy day, about 60f, and wind below 8mph. We used the 6ft and 7ft launch rails to speed up the launches. We did not try to compensate for the wind.

We completed six launches during a 2 hour launch window. We recovered all the rockets. The dual chute deployments proved to be our major issue, so we broke several eggs.


  • Try two chute deployment where the chutes are tied to the line between the cargo and booster.
  • Practice assembling reloadable Aerotech motors (E28, F24)
  • Help the new members develop their skills in launching and recovery of model rockets
   Air India Rocket   Green Rocket   Gold Rocket
Two Rockets


  • All the launches were relatively straight, all rockets were recovered, and the teams worked well together. Good job.
  • The new chute configuration worked with three of the four launches. Need to consider how they were packed, but this looks good.
  • For the rear ejection, one launch deployed only one chute, and the other launch deployed while on the stand. It hooked the burn protection on the launch rail and held the rocket down. The chutes were terminally damaged.
  • All the motors seemed to work OK, even the ones that were assembled. We got some good data on launch weights and power, but all the altitudes were under the 825ft target.
  • We had had no igniter failures, but we did have some "spitting" and delayed launch.



Rocket Engine Rail Cargo Recovery Weight Results Comments
Gold flight 1
Team 1
F24-7W 7ft 0d 2 eggs,
altimeter 4
2-15" Round 518g 589ft, 25ec video, Flew straight, lat ejection, only one chute deployed
Gold flight 2
Team 1
F24-4W 7ft 0d 2 eggs,
no data
2-15" Round 451g 0ft,
video, Chute fell out on ignition, held rocket on rail, need new chutes
Green flight 1
Team 4
E20-7W 7ft 0d 2 eggs,
altimeter 3
2-15" Round 413g 694ft, 43ec video, Nice flight, need more thrust
Green flight 2
Team 4
E28-7T 6ft 0d 2 eggs,
altimeter 3
2-15" Round 421g 780ft, 52sec video, Nice flight, need more thrust, funny drift on descent
India flight 1
Team 2
E20-7W 6ft 0d 2 eggs,
altimeter 5
2-15" Round, 2" spills 395g 700ft, 26sec video, Flew straight, chutes tangled
India flight 1
Team 2
E28-7T 6ft 0d 2 eggs,
altimeter 5
2-15" Round, 2" spills 400g? 793ft, 45sec video, Nice flight

Altimeter Data (new electronics) (Excel format)
Altimeter Data Chart


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  Team 1     Team 2

  Team 4
  Team 4

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