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Launch - January 19, 2013

Five members from all three teams and several adults again traveled to the Fulton launch site on Saturday, January 19. It was cold (35f), but clear and sunny, with wind under 5 mph. The wind picked up a little toward the end of the launch. We used the 7ft launch rail for the red and yellow rockets, and the 6ft launch rod for the special rocket. We had some successful launches and all rockets were recovered. The field was very muddy.


  • Team 13254 wanted to see if the extension made their yellow rocket stable.
  • Team 13255 wanted to see if their extension and added weight would lower their altitude.
  • Team 13256 wanted to see if their special rocket would work.


Yellow Rocket  Red Rocket  Daniel's Rocket

  • The extensions on the red and yellow rocket seemed to work, but may have created the wobble if not centered.
  • Team 13256 special rocket didn't work well. They need a new design.
  • The added weight worked to bring down team 13255's altitude. Their target weight should be 393g.
  • Team 13255 needs to work on getting the streamer to deploy.
  • We had some igniters from the E20 package fail. We might try some Quest igniters.
  • We need to angle the launch rail even in light wind.
  • No eggs were broken.


Rocket Engine Rail Cargo Cargo
Booster Recovery Weight Results Comments
Red test 1
Team 13255
E20-7W 3d 1 egg,
altimeter 2
15" Round 6x60" Streamer 372g
768ft, 49sec Flew into wind, some wiggle, streamer didn't deploy
Red test 2
Team 13255
E20-7W 6d 1 egg,
altimeter 2
15" Round 6x60" Streamer 392g
753ft, 56sec Straight, some wiggle, streamer didn't deploy
Yellow test 1
Team 13254
E20-7W 6d 1 egg,
altimeter 1
15" Round 6x60" Streamer 362g
801ft, 45sec Straight, some wiggle, good recovery
Special test 1
Team 13256
E20-7W 3d 1 egg,
altimeter ?
15" Round Connected 500g 287ft, 11sec Unstable, flew off to side, deployment at last second

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Altimeter Data Chart

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