Landing  Explorer Post 1010
Lockheed Martin Exploring Program
Launch - December 31, 2012

Five members from all three teams and several adults traveled to our special launch site near Fulton, Maryland. It is a big construction field just off Rt29 in Howard county. The site was recently plowed and was very muddy, but there are no obstacles and it is relatively flat

It was cold (35f) and cloudy, but the wind was under 5 mph. We used the 7ft launch rail for all the launches. Because of all the mud on the field, we only got off one launch per team. After landing, the rockets were very muddy.


  • Team 13254  and Team 13255 planned to make their first launch with their completed design and build.
  • Team 13256 wanted to try their special rocket.


  • Team 13256 could not launch their special rocket because we didn't bring the correct nose cone.
  • Team 13254 yellow rocket went unstable. The fins may have been too small or the nose cone weight was too close to the motor (center of gravity was too low).
  • Team 13255 red rocket worked great, but went way too high. They need to add 40g.
  • The descent rates of both rockets were about right and if they get their altitude right, they should get good scores.
  • No eggs were broken.
Yellow Rocket  Red Rocket


Rocket Engine Rail Cargo Cargo
Booster Recovery Weight Results Comments
Red test 1
Team 13255
E20-7W 0d 1 egg,
altimeter 2
15" Round 6x60" Streamer 340g
959ft, 54sec Straight, very high, good recovery
Yellow test 1
Team 13254
E20-7W 0d 1 egg,
altimeter 1
15" Round 6x60" Streamer 335g
801ft, 45sec Somewhat unstable, flew into wind, OK recovery

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Altimeter Data Chart

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