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Lockheed Martin Exploring Program
Launch - November 17, 2012

Six members from all three teams and several adults traveled to the National Pike Park launch site on Saturday, November 17. It was clear, with wind around 10mph. We used the 7ft launch rail for all the launches. We used rockets from two years ago to .test our processes and motors. We also flew a strange rocket built by Sam and Michael last spring (video).


  • We wanted to test the E20-7W motors.
  • Practice the launch process.


  • The E20-7 motors will get our rockets to 750ft easily.
  • We need to work on packing eggs in the nose cones.
  • Angling the launch rail with the wind straighten out our launches.
  • The altimeters registered that the rockets landed in a valley and on a hill (see the chart).
Yellow Rocket  Red Rocket


Rocket Engine Rail Cargo Cargo
Booster Recovery Weight Results Comments
Red test 1
E20-7W 8d 1 egg,
altimeter 1
15" Round 6x60" Streamer 343g
870t, 60sec Straight flight, but cracked egg
Yellow test 1
E20-7W 8d wood egg,
altimeter 3
15" Round 6x60" Streamer 327g
965ft, 54sec Straight flight
Purple test 1
E30-7 8d 1 egg,
altimeter 2
15" Round 6x60" Streamer 329g
867ft, 49sec Straight, nice flight

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Altimeter Data Chart

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