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Lockheed Martin Exploring Program
Launch - October 20, 2012

Seven members from all three teams and several adults traveled to the National Pike Park launch site on Saturday, October 20. It was a beautiful day, but windy around 10mph. The cargo unit of the second launch landed in the woods. We couldn't find it, but came back a few weeks later and found the cargo unit.


  • Give the new members a launch experience.
  • Try some BT80s to see if the egg fits sideways.
  • Try a booster recovery separate from the cargo.
  • Try a streamer booster recovery.


  • We have good recovery with separating the cargo unit from the booster.
  • The BT80s seemed to carry the eggs sideways. Start building.
  • We need to be more careful when the wind blows towards the trees.
  • We need to have team members out near the landing area to improve our recovery percentage.
  • When looking for a rocket during deer hunting season, we should wear a orange vest.
Red Rocket


Rocket Engine Rail Cargo Cargo
Booster Recovery Weight Results Comments
Silver test 1
E30-7 3d 1 egg,
15" Round 6x60" Streamer 383g
768ft, 44sec Flew into wind, everything recovered
Red test 1
E30-4 6d 1 egg,
15" Round 12" Round 347g
847ft, 65sec Straight, booster in tree recovered, cargo recovered 4 weeks later, egg broken and rotten

Altimeter Data (Excel format)
Altimeter Data Chart

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Connecting wires  Team

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