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We will focus on four fin booster designs, because we have four fin holding gigs. But shape and number of fins is not that important, as long as you have enough surface area to make it stable.

We will use 1/8in basswood or 3/32in plywood for the fins. The fins will have tabs that go through the body tubs and attach to the motor mount. It is most important to have the fin wood grain run along the forward edge of the fin.

Here are the three designs that we decided to use:

     Migratory Coconut               Waldo                        Senior Backup
Migratory Coconut Fin     Waldo Fin     Senior Backup Fin

There is a position relationship between the fins, the fin tabs, the motor mount, the fin slots and the centering rings.  They all need to come together in a dry-fit, before the big glue-up. You also need to attach the launch rail button before you try to glue everything together.


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Updated: April 20, 2012