Juno and Centaur Explorer Post 1010
Lockheed Martin Exploring Program
Launch - May 5, 2012
Jupiter Moons

Team 13198 conducted a practice launch on Saturday, May 5 in preparation for the TARC final the next weekend. We used a new launch site in Howard County - a development field behind the Maple Lawn commercial area, near Rt29 and R216.

The weather was nice, overcast, 79f, wind 8mph. We used the 7ft launch rail at a 5+ degree angle with the wind.


  • Reacquaint the team with the launch process.
  • Confirm the parachute size and other launch variables.


  • Always make sure the nose cone is secured to the cargo unit. Bring tape.
  • We might need a spill hole in the chute. We might need a new chute.
  • Target weight should be 384g
Team 13198

Black Rocket


Rocket Engine Cargo Cargo Recovery Booster Recovery Weight Results Comments
test 1
E30-7T 2 eggs,
altimeter M
18" chute thin connected 385g 787ft, 31sec Nice flight, but nose cone separated from cargo unit, almost lost altimeter
test 2
E30-7T 2 eggs,
altimeter M
18" chute thin connected 385g 791ft, 49sec Nice straight flight,
descent too long
Score 15

Altimeter Data New Altimeters (Excel format)
Launch Data Graph

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