Juno and Centaur Explorer Post 1010
Lockheed Martin Exploring Program
Launch - January 28, 2012
Jupiter Moons

Team 13198Six members and one adult traveled to the Maryland launch site on Saturday, January 28. It was a nice day with light wind. We used the 7ft launch rail and the 6ft launch rod. We had some very nice launches and all rockets were recovered. We got some low scores with the E30s. We are about ready for qualification launches.


  • Test 24inch X-chutes for good descent rates
  • Try F32-6T in the Team 13198 cylinder rocket
  • Learn to angle launch rail/rod to compensate for the wind
  • First launch of new Team 13198 rocket
  • Work on protecting two eggs
  • Try the new altimeter


  • Team 13200 flew their repaired rocket. It flew OK with little wobble.
  • Team 13198 cylinder fin rocket flew too high with the F32-6T.
  • Team 13198 black rocket was a little heavy for the E30-7T. They need to loose 15g.
  • The 24 inch X-chute seemed to give a good descent rates, except when the ejection occurs before 9 seconds.
  • There was little burn damage to the chutes and all eggs survived. We need to continue to pack the chutes with wadding around them. The X-chutes pack nicely. The eggs need to be in plastic bags tightly in the egg capsule, which in turn needs to be in a baggie in the nose cone.
  • We angled the rail and rod about 5 degrees with the wind. The flights were mostly straight.
  • We tried to use the long Quest igniters with the F32-6T. Three out of four failed to ignite the motor. We dropped back to the copper top igniters. We continued to use the short Quest igniters with the E30-7T with no problems.
  • The new altimeter flew once and returned good data. We need to use a new application to interpret the data. The data is 20 times a second - the older altimeters is 10 times a second.
  • Except for the first red rocket flight, all the rockets came down over the northeast tree line.
  • The teams are forgetting to record their data!
  • We added data to the comparison.xls graph.
   Purple Rocket Team 13199      Blue Rocket Team 13200         Red Rocket Team 13198          Black Rocket Team 13198


Rocket Engine Cargo Cargo Recovery Booster Recovery Weight Results Comments
test 1
E30-7T 2 eggs,
altimeter K
24" X-chute connected 380g 792ft, 44sec
Nice straight flight, Score 8
test 1
E30-7T 2 eggs,
altimeter F
24" X-chute connected 380g 823ft, 50sec
Straight flight, Score 31
test 2
E30-7T 2 eggs,
altimeter L
24" X-chute connected 385g 790ft, 47sec
A little wobble, Score 10
test 1
F32-6T 2 eggs,
altimeter J
24" X-chute 6x60" Streamer 51?g 931ft, 55sec
Flight off to the left, streamer didn't deploy
F32-6T 2 eggs,
altimeter J
18" X-chute 6x60" Streamer 55?g 989ft, 57sec
Straight flight, good deployment
test 1
E30-7T 2 eggs,
altimeter J
24" X-chute connected 405g 752ft, 49sec
Nice flight, chute floated

Altimeter Data  (Excel format)
Launch Results


   Team 13200                                               Team 13198
   Team 13200   Team 13198   Team 13198

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