Juno and Centaur Explorer Post 1010
Lockheed Martin Exploring Program
Launch - July 16, 2011
Jupiter Moons

Daniel's RocketTwo members traveled to the Maryland launch site on Saturday, July 16, to test various experiments in rocket design. It was a nice warm day with light wind. We had three launches.

Daniel's Tube (video) - This is a new and unique design. Used a D12-7 - nice flight. The design looks promising.

Ted's Two Stage (video) - We tried out a two stage rocket. It angled into the wind and was hard to find.

Anton's Recycled (video) - We launched a rocket from TARC 2011. It had a little trouble deploying the chute. It landed in a corn field and was difficult to find.
Look at this video of the walk through the corm field.

(All the videos have the launch on July 18, but it was really July 16.)


  • Try some new design rockets.
  • Try last year design to meet TARC 2012 requirements.
  • Use up some motors from the last TARC project.


  • We need a better recovery location system because of the corn and trees, We need the team deployed better and maybe an audible signal.
  • We could use last year's design to meet TARC 2012 requirements.
  • The tube fins seemed to work OK.
  • The video camera needs the sighting tube.


Rocket Engine Cargo Cargo Recovery Booster Recovery Weight Results Comments
test 1
F24-7W egg,
altimeter F?
15" chute connected 440g 890ft, 41sec Nice flight, chute tangled

Altimeter Data

Altimeter Data      Rocket

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