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Here are the requirements for the parachute recovery system.  Read them carefully.
The portion of the rocket containing the egg and altimeter must return to the ground using only one parachute of 15 inches diameter as its sole deployed recovery system. Every part of the outer edge of the canopy of this parachute must lie outside a circle of 14 inches diameter and inside a circle of 16 inches diameter. This canopy measurement will be done with the parachute laid flat, or if the parachute is a shape that will not lay flat, then with discs that are compared to the base of the inflated canopy. The rest of the rocket may be attached to the portion of the rocket containing the egg, altimeter, and this parachute, or may return separately with a different recovery device of any size as long as it does so safely.

Recovery SystemThe challenge will be in the parachutes and controlling the descent rate.  We will need to decide if we want everything to come down with one chute, or do we want to have a separate recovery system for the boooster.

We have some chutes from past years that meet the requirements.  But we also have some chutes from CATO-Chutes that seem to reduce the drift i high winds (


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 November 24, 2010