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After we completed our qualification flights, and before we learned who would go to the National fly-off, we held a meeting to discuss the challenge for 2011. The following items are some really good comments that we hope to consider them in the 2012 challenge.

  1. Rocket in the treesIf you don't know what it is, don't put it in the rocket.

  2. Do not challenge Mother Nature.

  3. Pad the egg well, if it breaks you're screwed.

  4. Have backup parts, rocketry is a meat grinder of a sport.

  5. Test often, please test often.

  6. Do the EARLY qualifier.

  7. Man up, endure the cold, there's a team in Alaska, deal.

  8. Aim away from the trees, they are evil rocket eaters.

  9. Careful with igniters, they can delay or ruin a launch.

  10. Know (test and analyze) your recovery means, you may have a goo rocket altitude, but your recovery time can really hurt your score.

  11. Parachutes are good at what they do, floating.

  12. Have all your own supplies and tools, the other teams may not want to share.

  13. "Careful with super glue" - Ronnie 2010

  14. McDonald's can console any losses on launch day.


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Updated: April 1, 2011