Sojourner Explorer Post 1010
Lockheed Martin Exploring Program
Launch - August 21, 2010
Victoria Crater

Team Two members traveled to the Maryland launch site on Saturday, August 21, to test various TARC 2011 recovery techniques.  It was a nice warm day with little wind. We used the old launch rail and rocket parts from last spring.


  • Try some rockets with a 15in parachute recovery system.
  • Get some data on descent rates for 15in chutes.
  • Use up some motors from the last TARC project.


  • The descent rates for the 15in chutes were very appropriate for TARC 2011 requirements - 750ft and 40-45sec.
  • The 15in chutes may need a spill hole.
  • The E30 motors seem good for under 400g rockets
  • We will be able to use designs and material from last spring for TARC 2011.
  • If we have separate recovery for cargo and booster, we need separate weights recorded.
  • Bob needs to set camera focus manually.
  • Ejection times of 4 seconds are before apogee and 7 seconds are after apogee.


Rocket Engine Cargo Cargo Recovery Booster Recovery Weight Results Comments
test 1
E30-4T egg,
altimeter F?
15" chute 12' chute 413g 720ft, 54sec
Nice flight
E30-7T egg,
altimeter G?
15" chute 12' chute 380g 760ft, 48sec
Very nice flight, spike in recorded data

Altimeter Data (Excel format)

Altimeter Data

    White Rocket

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