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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our teen leadership are selected through elections by the members for six month terms in September and February. These officers are the core of the leadership team, but there are many other leadership opportunities within the competition teams, the projects, and Post activities.

Co-Chairmen (two) - Key youth leaders. Works closely with the adults to plan meetings and organize the members. Must commit to attending almost all meetings. Help conduct agenda for meetings. One active in the robotics project and one active in the rocketry project. The person with the second most votes will be the Vice-Chair of the project and assume chairman responsibilities when the chair is absent.

Communications Officer - Helps maintain contact with members. Writes and sends letters and e-mail. Helps maintain the membership database. Sends reminders for meetings. Uses our Google account for email and calendar.

Treasurer - Maintains dues and post treasury. Collects funds from members. Works with adult treasurer. Leader of the food and fund raising efforts. Helps with registration and trip activities.


  • Terms are for six months, but you can repeat in the office.
  • Seniors cannot hold the positions in the spring.
  • Nominees should have participated in the Post for at least one year.
  • Must have dues paid.
  • Past officers are part of the leadership team forever.
  • The person receiving the second most votes will act as Vice Chairman from the project.
  • All potential officers need to review the Youth Leader Guide.

We decided on our teen leaders for the first half of 2016, until September 2016. Their efforts will be very important in maintaining our organization through a significant transition.

Current Officers:  (previous election)

Co-Chair Rocketry:  Gabriel Schroeder    Vice-Chair:  Vivek Uppoor

Co-Chair Robotics:  Kathleen Arnett    Vice-Chair:  Ravi Kemburu

Communication Officer:  Eric Rong

Treasurer:  Anne-Michelle Lieberson


Co-Chair Rocketry:  Vivek Uppoor, Matt McCallum (Vice-Chair: Joe Camobreco)

Co-Chair Robotics:  Anne-Michelle Lieberson, Solomon Sapiro

Communication Officer:  Michael Bock, Eric Rong

Treasurer:  Austin Long

New Officers:

Co-Chair Rocketry:  Matt McCallum    Vice-Chair:  Joe Camobreco

Co-Chair Robotics:  Anne-Michelle Lieberson    Vice-Chair:  Solomon Sapiro

Communication Officer:  Eric Rong

Treasurer:  Austin Long

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